Dealer Training

Before opening a car dealership it is important to have the right information. At Backstage Auto we make sure that each lesson prepares new and existing dealers for the state required 40 question test. Dealer training is a 6 hour in person class for new dealers or it can be taken online for existing dealers only.


The class contains all rules and regulations of selling used vehicles in CA. The classes are completed in person by a licensed DMV instructor. The auto dealer classes will prepare the applicant for the multiple choice test at an Occupational License Location. Once completed the applicant will receive a DMV issued certificate to certify completion of the auto dealer training.


Auto Broker

Maybe you’re wondering how to become an auto broker? To become an auto broker in CA you are required to apply for a retail dealers license. A 6-Hour in person class is mandatory for new dealers. An auto broker license will allow you to purchase vehicles at auctions on behalf of a private party. The dealer training will explain how you can buy vehicles wholesale from private auctions (not open to the public). Broker’s can negotiate a price upfront with a client and then acquire the vehicle at a wholesale price from auctions throughout California.

Wholesale License

If you want a california car dealer license without a lot you are required to apply for a wholesale dealers license. Wholesale licenses allow you sell from virtually anywhere with the one exception of not being able to sell to the general public. With a wholesale dealers license you can sell to other wholesaler’s (dealers & auctions). There are less requirements needed for obtaining a wholesale license. You can see them listed here at DMV’s website

Retail Dealers License


To sell to the public you are required to obtain a retail license. Retail license requirements are listed on DMV website here. A car dealership license allows you to offer auto financing, in-house financing, & many other benefits of running an automotive business.


Online Dealer Class


Online dealer classes are limited to only existing dealers. Every two years a dealer must renew their license to maintain a current understanding of DMV rules & regulations.


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